Finsbury Estate, Ashford

Atkins Global

A large residential development for 800 dwellings in a low lying area with potential flood issues. It incorporates an extensive SUDS scheme including a large attenuation basin, four new ponds and an ephemeral wetland.

Below is a photographic account of its construction.

The Proposals

The proposals include four lakes and an ephemeral pond along with extensive woodland creation

Lake Water Levels

Lake water levels are maintained by solar powered pumps to the local subterranean water tables

Wetland Planting Scheme

The planting is becoming established. Within two years it has gone from water logged field to this. Already popular with residents there is erosion along its banks so coir matting will be required at specific selected locations

The Lozenge

The lozenge is the entry point to the development, a subtle cascade of stone walls down into the main site

Aerial Perspective

Midway through completion the photo shows lakes and main access road, illustrating the scale of development

The Wildlife Arrives

The ephemeral pond and lakes already provide a valuable habitat and within two years there were many welcome guestsg


United Kingdom


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